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Kidlit Central News

Children's Publishing News from the Central U.S.

Children's Writers from the Central United States
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Kidlit Central News brings you the HOTTEST children’s publishing news, reviews, entertainment and more—by and about those involved with children’s literature in and around the Central U.S. Featured states include: Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

We are currently closed to new contributing bloggers. We'd love it if you'd add our community to your friend list.


Anna M. Lewis http://www.bookstoysetc.com & http://annamlewis.livejournal.com
Colleen Cook http://crcook.livejournal.com/
Cynthea Liu http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com
Cynthia Reeg http://www.cynthiareeg.com
Dori Butler http://www.kidswriter.com/
Dorothy Winsor http://dawtheminstrel.livejournal.com/
Elizabeth Casteel http://lizzy-lyn.livejournal.com/
Jennifer Bailey http://jenniferbailey.livejournal.com/
Jenny Meyerhoff http://www.jennymeyerhoff.com/
Jill Esbaum http://www.jillesbaum.com/
Jody Feldman http://www.jodyfeldman.com/
Judy Bryan http://judybryan.livejournal.com/
Julie Bowe http://www.juliebowe.com/
Karry Hodge http://karryh1412.livejournal.com/
Kim Peek http://kidlit-kim.livejournal.com/
Kym Brunner http://kymbrunner.livejournal.com/
Laura Manivong - http://lauramanivong.livejournal.com
Linda Skeers http://www.linda-skeers.com/
Lisa Albert http://www.lisaalbert.com
Sara Bennett Wealer http://sbennettwealer.livejournal.com/
Sarah Prineas http://www.sarah-prineas.com/
Sara Latta http://www.saralatta.com/
Sara McAlister http://www.sarameade.blogspot.com/
Sonia J. Gensler http://www.soniagensler.com
Tammi Sauer http://www.tammisauer.com/
Susan Ulig (Sue Ford) http://www.susanuhlig.com/
Lisha Cauthen http://lishacauthen.wordpress.com/
Jennifer Brown http://www.jennifunny.com/
Mary Pleiss http://marykpleiss.livejournal.com/


Meet-and-Greet Monday: Interviews with Kidlit Central News members, agents, editors, authors, illustrators...kidlit publishing people with connections to the Central states.

Tips-For-You Tuesday: Writing, Revision and Publishing Tips...and some occasional Random Thoughts.

Wacky Wednesday: Our blogger will amaze and surprise you. Or maybe just provide a random tip that didn't fit anywhere else.

That's a Great Idea Thursday-- A great idea, a book, a tip...something that makes our readers think, "That's a great idea!" or "Wish I'd thought of that!"

Friday Fun Day--A writing exercise, a group writing project...you never know what will show up here.

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