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Wacky Wednesday- The Wacky Things Kids Say


Did you ever watch the show "Kids say the Darndest Things” with Bill Cosby or Art Linkletter?   




Things like this happen at my house all the time.  I’m sure they do for you, also.


As a mother of two (a girl and a boy), I have heard some pretty wacky things come out of their mouths.  For example:  my son, who is seven, picked up his dinner plate and said “Bone after Eat.”  Of course he meant Bon appetit.  It was hilarious to hear him say such a thing..  I didn't even know he knew that word.  Another time I was making tacos for dinner and asked him what he’d like on his:  cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.  He told me what he wanted then said, “Order up!”  What am I? A short order cook?  Then he had a scratch on his nose the other day and I asked him how he got it.  He looked at me real serious and said, “Who knows, Mom.” 


My daughter is a character also.  She was at my mother’s house one day and the phone rang so she picked it up (my mother is extremely hard of hearing and has a CapTel telephone which types out what the other person is saying).  It was my husband and she’s talking away and can hear him just fine but tells him, “Slow down Daddy.  I can’t read that fast.”  And okay this is embarrassing, but once while I was getting dressed for work my shirt kept creeping up while blow drying my hair and my daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, you look h--o--t  Hot!   She was into spelling her words out at the time.  My side hurt from laughing so hard.  But bless her for the compliment, huh? 


At the SCBWI National conference in L.A. this summer I heard Rachel Cohn speak and took a little gem away from it.  She said to get your old journals or diaries out from high school and read through them to find your teen voice.  I did just that and boy did I remember things a little differently than they actually were. 


As a writer I’ve learned if you stop, listen and write things down you can get a whole load of snippets, titles or whatever from those conversations. It doesn’t have to be from your kids.  It could be the neighbor’s kids, nieces, nephews, friend’s kids or just eavesdropping.  


So save those sayings for later because soon enough you’ll either have a different perspective of what you heard or short term memory loss which I seem to suffer from on a daily basis. 


We tend to dummy down our kids' feelings like their problems aren’t as big as ours.  But to them they are huge at that moment and that’s what we need to pour into our stories when writing for them. 


Keep writing and learning!

Sara McAlister (Meade)


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Oct. 8th, 2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
Good stuff, Sara.

Shortly after my daughter turned 3, my family took a trip to Mexico.

One night, we hopped into a cab. J noticed the driver's scruffy, bearded appearance and clutched my leg.

"Mommy," she whispered. "Is that JESUS?!"
Oct. 8th, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
That's too funny! There are a lot of things when they were little that I wish I'd jotted down.
Oct. 9th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
Good thing you waited. What a conversation that would have been. :)
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